Trinity Scott, a firm solely focusing on advising Executive Researchers within the executive search market, thought it would be interesting to analyse Brexit from a researcher's perspective. 

Researchers of course are dealing with the top end of the candidate pool, often working very internationally, placing Directors, Managing Directors and CEOs in industries across the world. Their perspective can be illuminating as the drip-feed affect is likely to reveal trends that will affect the contingency market in months to come.

The range of views and opinions was illuminating, over one hundred researchers completed the survey and the difference between them was marked. It was obviously very much led by the market they worked in but it ranged from "not directly applicable" for several people working in the Not-For-Profit sector to "awful" from those working in the Industrial and Banking sectors. 

This contrasts with researchers working in the Tech or Life Sciences space who seem "as busy as ever". 

However, one of the biggest issues for all those involved would appear to be the movement of people across the EU into the UK. A number of responses bemoaned how difficult it was to attract candidates to the UK, however for researchers and associates working roles in mainland Europe it really was business as usual. Like the referendum, the results were split but the “no change/still busy” votes just about win. Here is a snapshot of the views... 

“I work in the manufacturing sector and have experienced a real impact post Brexit. My candidate base for mid-level appointments is essentially based in Eastern Europe either by nationality or relocation. Candidates who are from European Countries are less likely to be interested in roles now and those who have relocated feel that a role in the UK would be narrowing their exposure.” Senior Associate, global search firm 

“I have worked with Top Global MBA Schools for a number of years, pre selecting the best candidates for clients. I have never seen such a reluctance from this candidate community to relocate to the UK, they have historically been so mobile!” Talent Acquisition, Top 4 CA firm

“I work in the Tech sector and initially there was a lot of uncertainty from candidates outside the UK although the majority of this must have been down to the hype of the media as a lot of the uncertainty has died down and there really hasn’t been that much difference.” Associate, Top 5 global search firm 

“We work on assignments with Private Equity backed businesses. Not much has changed but this could be because we are very UK focused. Primarily our clients are based in the UK so there has been no major impact at the moment.” Senior Associate, city based boutique search firm

SOURCE: Trinity Scott