Olga Santini Parella and Tiziana Nenezichave recently joined the TRANSEARCH office in Miami.

Olga Santini Parellais establishing the firm's Legal Executive Services Division to support clients in the recruitment of attorneys as partners, in-house counsel and law firm associates, while working alongside the financial services team to further expand the Financial Services Division.

Prior to her career in Executive Search, she was the Managing Director of a business that provided legal structures used in Foreign Estate & Tax Planning, corporate para-legal services, translations as well as corporate searches in the United States. Olga’s clients included major international and global Banks, CPA’s, Law firms and Real Estate firms. Previously, Olga worked at Banco Nacional de Panama in Panama, Bank of Boston in Boston and UBS in Miami, Florida.

She is a Panamanian Attorney with a Degree in Law and Political Science from Universidad Santa Maria in Panama and did post graduate work at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain specializing in Corporate Law, Trust and Estate planning. She is certified by STEP-Society of Trust and Estate Professionals, and has a Certificate in Comparative Law from The Southwestern Legal Foundation in Texas.

She is fully Bilingual: English/Spanish with working knowledge of Italian and French; her hobbies include travelling the world and studying comparative religions.

Tiziana Nenezicspent more than fifteen years’ in the executive offices of international law firms and banking groups in Europe and the US prior to joining TRANSEARCH.

Her experience includes crucial roles in correspondent and private banking, working for the Vice Chairman and head of the international department of Republic National Bank of New York; and later, at HSBC’s headquarters in New York City for the Chairman of the Advisory Board. She was also a translator and contributor for International Tax Planning, a niche publication from Britain with limited distribution. While working for Dobson and Pinci, an international law firm based in Milan, she played a major role in opening the firm’s first Manhattan office and developing business for the new branch.

Prior to leaving Rome for New York City, Tiziana worked for the Italian national newspaper “La Repubblica”. A few years later, she returned to the world of publishing as the author of two popular non-fiction books and various magazine and newspaper articles, with regular appearances on television and radio shows in her native Italy.

She holds a Doctorate in Foreign Languages and Literature from LUMSA University in Rome. Fluent in several languages, including Italian, English, Spanish and French, she brings her creativity, dedication, and extensive experience to the world of consulting.