Wendy Lau was recently appointed on the Board of Directors of the Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce (MGCC). Wendy founded TRANSEARCH in Malaysia in 1992, and is well-known in the market for her professionalism and helping to shape her clients’ businesses with her counsel as their executive search partner. Her appointment to the MGCC board also makes her the first woman to join since its inception. 

Cracking the corporate “rice paper” ceiling is not an easy accomplishment as Asia currently lags in Global Statistics when it comes to the proportion of female directors on Boards of Directors. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) in its report, “Women’s Leadership and Corporate Performance,” noted that Western countries lead the field on female representation, particularly Scandinavian countries. In 2014, Norway’s proportion of female directors stood at 40.5 percent while Finland and Sweden were both around 27 percent, with Britain’s ratio standing at 21 percent and the United States with 17 percent. In contrast, South Korea’s ratio was a 1.9 percent, just below Japan’s 2 percent, with Singapore’s proportion 8.3 percent, China 8.5 percent and Malaysia 8.6 percent. 

The Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce (MGCC) was established in 1991, and celebrated its 25th anniversary in November 2016. The MGCC has more than 400 members from Malaysian and German companies. The aim of the MGCC is to promote business relations between the countries.