IRC Global Executive Search Partners has just concluded their EMEA Regional Meeting in Italian Naples. Regional HR executives and successful Italian entrepreneurs joined the IRC team for the leadership panel discussion focused on “Tradition & Innovation”. 

The IRC alliance is represented on six continents and 46 countries and has witnessed global transformation across many industries. Companies striving to succeed in this dramatically changing business environment need to be adaptable, innovative and agile. At the same time, they need to keep the best from their tradition in order to create a new winning formula in response to both current and future market trends. 

Gaye Özcan, IRC EMEA Regional Leader and Managing Partner of IRC Turkey, comments: “Not only in Turkey but all around the world, business dynamics are changing all around the world. We, as trusted advisors, help our clients adapt to the future and value their tradition and past experiences. I benefitted from discussing this challenging topic in greater detail with my IRC EMEA partners and our external guests in Naples.” 

The executives joining the IRC partners affirmed that the long-term success requires continuous learning, curiosity, innovation in addition to ethics, openness and listening to evolving market needs. The digital era makes our world smaller and more connected than ever. As the best-seller author and ex-Heidrick consultant, Ozan Dağdeviren, who was the special guest of the event, pointed out, “The progressive virtual businesses such as Uber or Airbnb are penetrating the top tier of business while traditional companies which are not able to adjust are losing.” 

Gaye Özcan concludes: “Keep the best of the past and discover the best of the future. How? 1. Observe, 2. Try Small, Fail Small, 3. Learn Fast & Lead with Technology.”

SOURCE: IRC Global Executive Search Partners