SpenglerFox has announced the hire of Sylvain Gauffre, Practice Group Leader – Finance Services.

“Having worked in the executive search and talent management sector in the past decade, in both established and emerging markets, I understand how the financial crisis and new regulatory requirements have had a profound impact on financial institutions’ activities and business models, performance, development, and ultimately sustainability. It is safe to say the financial sector in general, and banks in particular, will never be the same, while noting there is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy for business model adjustment.

Where does the financial services industry goes from here? Looking ahead, banks’ business strategy, risk-taking approach, the apprehension of the digital, data-driven information revolution, as well as the competition from non-banks engaging in bank-like activities, will be determined by ensuring to have the right leadership in place.

Accordingly, we at SpenglerFox believe that there is no better way to assist a customer than to be there for them in the moments that matter. Working with the partners and teams, we are committed to support our clients with our problem-solving approach, and deliver solutions that empower our client’s organisations in challenging business environments. I am delighted to be part of this creative, ambitious and experienced team at SpenglerFox, and look forward to grow our collective success”, says Sylvain Gauffre, Practice Group Leader – Finance Services.

“We are delighted to welcome Sylvain Gauffre who joins SpenglerFox to strengthen our financial services team and deepen its specialisation, not only expanding geographically but within a key vertical to offer our full range of services to the banking community”, says Jens Friedrich, Chief Operating Officer.

SOURCE: SpenglerFox