Allen Austin’s purpose, to enhance the lives and effectiveness of its associates, clients and leaders of the world is driving the firm’s global reach to new regions. The firm will now direct international operations from a new hub in Istanbul, and has added new offices in Turkey, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.  The firm’s global strategy is to deliver consistent application of its proprietary search and leadership solutions along with deep industry and functional expertise, as well as broad geographic coverage to better serve international clients.

“I am very excited to be a part of this growth strategy – I think it is definitely the right time for Allen Austin to access the global markets and I strongly believe that Allen Austin’s unique ForesightTM Process for retained search as well as Total Performance Leadership solutions will serve the unmet needs of our clients outside the US market” said Serkan Yagcioglu. Serkan joined the firm as Vice President of International Operations and will lead all global business from Istanbul with the primary goal of expanding Allen Austin’s operations outside the US where currently 65% of the global recruitment and leadership market is. His primary focus will be to grow the firm’s unique partnership model, executive recruitment method and leadership development strategy to the unmet potential in Asia Pacific (mainly in China, Singapore and India), Latin America, Germany, France, Netherlands and Eastern Europe.

With over 10 years of experience Zoran Marinkovic joined Allen Austin as Partner for the Middle East and Africa, based in Dubai. He has conducted searches in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and South Africa focusing on various industries such as industrial gas, oil & gas, supply chain and consumer goods. Because of his proficiency and knowledge of the business he has developed a broad perspective that enables him to understand the challenges of corporate clients within the Middle East region.

“It is a fantastic challenge to launch Allen Austin in the Middle East & Africa and a great opportunity for companies in our region to have another top-notch global executive search and leadership advisory firm. We are planning to open new offices with new partners in key countries and increase our expertise within a specific area so we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our clients. We have already been advised of our completely different approach to executive search’’ said Zoran Marinkovic.

With a successful track record of identifying and aligning leaders for both publicly traded and venture capital/private equity-backed organizations, and with her keen ability to identify exceptional leaders in her industry, Celina Ayala joins the firm as Partner for the regions of Spain and Portugal based in Ibiza, Spain. Her perseverance and ability to understand each individual client’s needs have allowed her to complete some extremely difficult searches. Celina takes pride in developing meaningful, professional relationships with both her clients and candidates, separating excellence from mediocrity and delivering only the most prolific impact players to her clients; “I am thrilled to be part of the Partners at Allen Austin, serving Spain and Portugal. In business and relationships, we put our best foot forward, knowing that good leadership takes skilled practice. Allen Austin has launched the most incredible Search and Leadership Advisory practices. Now we get to share these best practices with Clients on a Global scale.”

Rob Andrews, AESC Americas Council Board Member, Founder & CEO of Allen Austin said: “We are very excited about the entrance of Serkan and our new partners in to the firm, and our collective vision for delivering global retained search and leadership advisory solutions in a consistent and reliable manner. Consistency of approach, process and execution is difficult to find, according to many of our global clients. For over twenty years, we’ve endeavored to innovate, research, test and refine breakthrough architectures in areas of hiring practices and leadership. Total Performance Leadership, our proprietary body of knowledge, gives us the ability to deliver executive search and leadership solutions in all regions of the world in such a fashion that our clients know exactly what to expect, before during and after an engagement.”

SOURCE: Allen Austin