In the latest of our #WESC2017 "Speaker Spotlight" series I would like to introduce Elizabeth WallaceDirector of the EMEA Executive Search Team at BlackRock, who will speak at the upcoming World Executive Search Congress on the topic high on every Executive Search professionals' agenda - Diversity.

Elizabeth Wallace: Diversity is very important to all of us – but are we operating from too narrow a lens? How might we define diversity these days? Global financial services firm BlackRock is at the leading edge of delivering against a broader definition of diversity to add greater value to the business. In this session, we will focus on the ‘Diversity Iceberg’ and I will share my experiences which may help in showing how to broaden the focus across the rest of the diversity spectrum, and why it is so important to our organizations to do so.

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Elizabeth Wallace, Director, is Head of the EMEA BEST team (BlackRock Executive Search Team) at BlackRock. The team is responsible for MD level hiring across all areas of the business. Prior to joining BlackRock in 2014, Elizabeth co-founded AMC Executive Search, an executive search boutique focused on Asset Management. Before that, she worked for J Robert Scott, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments. Over the course of her career, she has also held research positions with firms including Sheffield Haworth and The Omerta Group. 

Elizabeth earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from Roehampton University.

Her session at #WESC2017 is called The Diversity Iceberg and will cover the following aspects: 

Many research studies now clearly show that if organizations do not improve the gender diversity of their leadership and boards of directors, they are losing value for their shareholders. Diversity hiring is a stated priority for many businesses - and not just their HR departments: it is clear that hiring diverse leadership is no longer just ‘the right thing to do’, but it is now ‘the right thing to do for increased profitability’.

However, much of the focus is on gender diversity. As undisputedly worthy a focus as that is, it only touches the tip of the challenge: businesses need to be diverse to fully reflect their marketplace, attain the most value from their entire workforce, and to attract the best talent; and that means more than just gender diversity. Global financial services firm BlackRock is at the leading edge of delivering against this broader definition of diversity to add greater value to the business. Elizabeth Wallace, herself a thought leader in this space, will share her experiences and help us understand how we broaden our focus to the rest of the diversity spectrum, why it is so important to our clients to do so, and how the right partnerships (both internal and external) can help make a huge impact.

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