In the latest of our #WESC2017 "Speaker Spotlight" series I would like to introduce Charlie Atkinson, Chief Executive of Human Factors International who will walk the attendees of the upcoming World Executive Search Congress through the real predictors of executive performance (hint: industry experience plays little part) and the use of assessment techniques for matching non-traditional executive candidates with job roles and organisational fit. 

In the 18 years that Charlie has worked at hfi he has helped a myriad of Global 500 companies to improve their executive selection processes. From hospitality to finance and retail to aerospace, Charlie and his company have used psychometric assessments to profile CEOs, Presidents, Directors and VPs in some of the world’s largest organisations. Along the way he has picked up some surprising tales, such as the CEO who wanted his fiancée assessed, and the director who sent his brother to be interviewed.

Now a visiting MBA lecturer, Charlie is an engaging speaker and promises to deliver a lively session.

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Charlie has spent 18 years helping to select and develop executive leaders for global clients such as Starbucks, Hilton Hotels and Capgemini. His company’s assessment systems are also used by a number of boutique and global executive search firms.

His session at #WESC2017 is called Broaden Your Talent Pool - Using Science to Identify Alternative Candidates and will cover the following aspects: 

What role do assessment methods such as psychometric profiling play in your search processes? Used in the right way, these methods can help you to identify candidates who would otherwise be overlooked. In the hour-long session, Charlie will use real world examples to describe the pitfalls and benefits for you and your clients.

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