Each year, the World Executive Search Congress (#WESC2017) aspires to deliver on three main premises: to provide industry insights, to inspire new ideas and to create unparalleled international networking opportunities that turn into lasting new business relationships. Past attendees have described the event as “a superior learning opportunity”, “impressive”, and “thought-provoking”.

The event’s 2-stream agenda will target every aspect of Executive Recruitment, and the following two sessions have been added to complete the programme:

Executive Onboarding

Success in new senior roles can never be taken for granted. 40% of new leaders fail within 18 months due to a combination of fit, culture, performance and crucially preparation. A planned and thoughtful approach to onboarding reduces this failure rate to as little as 5%. Mark Anderson, Partner at PrimeGenesis and author of The Leadership Book, will share his insights how Search firms can assist their clients in creating a successful onboarding strategy.

Leadership Assessment

What role do assessment methods such as psychometric profiling play in your search processes? Used in the right way, these methods can help you to identify candidates who would otherwise be overlooked. Charlie Atkinson, Chief Executive of Human Factors International, will walk the attendees through the real predictors of executive performance (hint: industry experience plays little part) and the use of assessment techniques for matching non-traditional executive candidates with job roles and organisational fit. 

Other highlights include:

What Clients Say They Want - And What They Really Want

With recent pressure on leadership diversity, on globalization alongside simultaneous localization, and an emphasis on growing talent from the inside, the speed of hiring is impacted and the definition of the ‘best candidate’ is changing. Simon Mullins will draw on his own experience at both global and boutique executive search firms and in-house with a Fortune 50 company, along with the 200+ meetings of ESIX: The Executive Search Information Exchange, to discuss what clients are looking for, both in their hires as well as in their executive search partners, and touch on ideas to get the best out of our client/partner exchanges.

Focus on GDPR

The impact of GDPR on the recruitment industry continues to make the headlines, but finding advice that takes into account the intricacies of the Executive Search process is much harder to come by. 

Simon Stokes, Partner at Blake Morgan LLP will cover GDPR - What Does It Mean For Executive Search . His session will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Alex James and featuring Helen Haddon, Founder and CEO of ComplyGDPR, Paul Mather, Data Protection Specialist at Dillistone Group Plc, Simon Stokes and Celeste Whatley, Chief Executive Officer of TRANSEARCH International, that will allow the attendees to return to their offices with an action plan based on the experience and advice of others in the industry.


Many research studies now clearly show that if organizations do not improve the gender diversity of their leadership and boards of directors, they are losing value for their shareholders. Diversity hiring is a stated priority for many businesses - and not just their HR departments: it is clear that hiring diverse leadership is no longer just ‘the right thing to do’, but it is now ‘the right thing to do for increased profitability’. Elizabeth Wallace, Director of the EMEA Executive Search Team at BlackRock a thought leader in this space, will share her experiences and help the delegates understand the need to broaden the focus to the rest of the diversity spectrum, and why it is so important for all organizations to do so.

How Search Firms Can Attract Investors

During this practical session Chris Fielding, Head of Corporate Finance at WHIreland Plc and his colleague Matthew Davis, Institutional Research Analyst, will look at some of the key financial and non-financial measures investors utilise to assess value. With those factors in mind, they will look at what executive search firms can do to attract capital investment in order to fund their growth and increase the value of their businesses.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Gary Williams, Director at Questas Consulting Ltd, is an experienced business development consultant and executive coach. Gary set up Questas in 2012 to address the real challenges faced by professional services firms in their pursuit of growth. Their ‘Create, Convert, Retain’ model has helped many fee earners and BD support teams establish simple and effective business development action plans that deliver results. During the session Gary will explore the steps to becoming and remaining your clients' Trusted Advisor.

Check out the full agenda at http://www.search-consult.com/WESC2017.

Delegates from 23 countries / 4 continents have already signed up to attend the event and bookings are coming in daily - join them to benefit from the speakers' insights and invaluable networking opportunities. Check out the full agenda at http://www.search-consult.com/WESC2017.

The event is organized and sponsored by Dillistone Systems, the leading global executive search software provider, and Kennedy Executive Search and Consulting, a network of independent executive search boutique firms, actively looking for new Partners.