Vaco Los Angeles, a leading firm providing project consultants and executive search for finance, accounting and technology positions, today announced that Adam Rudman has been promoted to recruiting director for Vaco Financial. The Vaco Financial business practice provides executive search services for finance and accounting positions, and Rudman will develop and maintain client relationships and source high-level candidates for full-time direct-hire positions.

Rudman works closely with employers to identify their needs and cultivates a talent pool that directly aligns with those needs, as well as the employer's corporate culture, in order to provide the most well-qualified and well-suited candidates for critical positions. Rudman brings an extensive background in recruiting for finance and accounting positions as well as in business development. He places positions ranging from CFO, SVP, and controller to staff-level accounting, finance, tax, and audit.

"Employment is expanding and the job market in Los Angeles is very competitive for top talent, especially in the high-demand areas of finance and accounting. Because of that, Vaco Financial is growing tremendously and we're pleased to promote Adam to help lead that business line as recruiting director," said Joslyn Osborn, partner, Vaco Los Angeles. "Adam's experience and expertise in guiding client organizations through the recruiting process and matching them with candidates with the skill sets they need enables him to contribute to our clients' success and help them meet their strategic goals."

Rudman serves a range of industries, including technology, real estate, entertainment, consumer products, healthcare, and start-up companies. In his experience, he's found there's one key quality to look for in a candidate for practically any position.  

"Once you identify the basic technical skill set requirements and cultural fit, the most important aspect any candidate can bring to the table is eagerness to learn. Over the years, I've found that if a candidate is smart and enthusiastic about a position, everything else can be taught," said Rudman. "I'm thrilled to help our clients find their key talent from the dynamic and diverse talent pool here in LA."

SOURCE: Press release