SpenglerFox is delighted to announce the appointment of Lone Roervig as Global Head to our Life Sciences practice group.

"Lone joined SpenglerFox in September 2012. Before joining SpenglerFox, Lone had gained experience from; sales, marketing, HR development, team building and general management on the corporate side in the international Life Science business environment. She worked with multinational pharma and medical device companies in Denmark and across the Middle East & Africa region, as well as gaining experience working in the Arabic business environment with a local Dubai based distributor. With over 20 years on the corporate side Lone has managed organisational restructuring, mergers and acquisition situations maintaining a strong team spirit and increasing sales and profitability.

In the past 5 years Lone has successfully driven our growth in Life Sciences in the Middle East region and beyond. She is now returning to Denmark with her husband and will take the lead of the entire Practice. 

What should I say? Talent, found! The perfect appointment. On behalf of SpenglerFox and our Global Affiliates, let me congratulate you to this appointment and wish you every success in your new role,” says Jens Friedrich, CEO.

"Great to be part of a company focused on care, not only for clients and candidates – but as well for the SF team members giving room for further development and growth. Like everything in SpenglerFox there is an agility and flexibility in the approach also when it comes to adhering to change, even internally. Thrilled to take on the role as Global Head for the intriguing Life Science sector and really proud and happy to be part of such a company," says Lone Roervig - Global Head, Life Sciences.