IRC Global Executive Search Partners recently held its regional Asia Pacific (APAC) conference themed “Leadership Transformation: Strategies in a Disruptive, Uncertain & Digital World”. Over 40 delegates from 11 countries explored how increased digitalization and fast-paced innovation inherent in Industry 4.0 has transformed corporate leadership needs in the region. 

Given the speed of new technology adoption and the emergence of millennials as a major talent force, APAC companies are now facing fiercer and multi-directional competition, constant change, and more unknown elements in the marketplace.

Vivek Bhatia, keynote speaker and Chief Executive Officer APAC of multinational thyssenkrupp AG, said leaders must provide purpose and direction; lead from the front and drive outcomes; secure talent pipelines; and reflect culture or values expected throughout an organization. “Any broad change in the organization that is expected to last for years to come, has to be bought in personally and believed by leaders,” Bhatia said.

Bhatia also elaborated on thyssenkrupp’s efforts to embed innovation and problemsolving throughout the organization, beyond team silos, while tapping talents in the vibrant startup ecosystem. 

Rohan Carr, the President of IRC Executive Board remarked: “Leaders face unprecedented challenged in setting strategies for the organizations. They face disruption from products and services that are entering the market in new and unique ways. The digital environment throws up not only new competition, but also new demands from customers and clients. And all this takes place against the backdrop of a very uncertain geopolitical environment,” Carr said.

Gurdeep Hora, IRC APAC Regional Leader adds: “To transform into Leaders of the Future, the leaders of today have to evolve a shared Vision and Purpose, be innovative, agile, collaborative and responsive. To thrive and deliver, they have to build a broad-based top Talent pipeline and radically increase engagement with functional experts, employees, and consumers. 

To summarize, the Leaders have to constantly observe the environment, learn, assimilate, and communicate strategies to tackle risks and not be afraid to change direction as needed.”