A new stage in Mercuri Urval's history has been reached as the company appoints their first 30 shareholding Partners.

Mercuri Urval's first Partners have just been announced. The 30 newly appointed shareholding Partners represent some ten nationalities from Mercuri Urval's global organisation. The appointments took place on September 13th at the honourable Match Palace in Stockholm.

Mercuri Urval is a Global Swedish Executive Search organisation started over 50 years ago in 1967. In June of 2016, the founder and owner donated the company to a Foundation, Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval, in order to ensure a long-standing, secure development of the firm. The next step in Mercuri Urval's development has now been taken as the company's most successful employees begin to be invited to the Partnership Programme. These first Partner appointments mark the start of a process that will now run continuously. Mercuri Urval hopes to have many Partners in the future. Continuously attracting the very best talent is an essential part of Mercuri Urval's international growth:

"Becoming a Partner is an opportunity to help shape Mercuri Urval's future as well as benefit from dividends. Being a Partner is a serious undertaking but also a huge opportunity for current and future employees", says Roger Hagafors, Chairman of the Group Board.

Mercuri Urval's Partners become co-owners of a global organisation. The partnership is equally available to employees from Europe, Asia or the Americas.

The qualification process is transparent and the requirements are known in all parts of the organisation. A significant and sustained individual contribution, as well as a long-term commitment to the organisation, are necessary requirements. Other criteria include consistently enacting Mercuri Urval's values and a continuous contribution to the organisation's development and capital structure, beyond personal performance. The Nomination process is driven by Partners acting on behalf of the Board of the main owner, Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval (the Mercuri Urval Foundation) and is independent of company leadership.

"The Foundation has stressed the importance of a transparent and sustainable Partnership Programme. The purpose of the Programme is to be a significant part of the value proposition to successful employees and appealing for the consultants and employees we want to attract", adds Roger Hagafors.

Mercuri Urval´s first Partners are:

  • Aki Hyryläinen, Helsinki
  • Andreas Frische, Central Management 
  • Anne Zhang, Shanghai
  • Christian Kofoed-Enevoldsen, Copenhagen
  • Christian Schaffenberger, Zürich
  • Florian Erhorn, Düsseldorf
  • Florian Schneemann, Düsseldorf
  • Geir Lislerud, Oslo
  • Hanne Pihl, Central Management
  • Jan Kjeldsmark, Aarhus
  • Jesper Lund, Aarhus
  • Karl-Johan Kronberg, Central Management
  • Klaus Steinmann, Düsseldorf
  • Marie-Bernard Guillaume, Brussels
  • Mats Wärnling, Stockholm
  • Michael Güttes, Central Management
  • Mieke Weijenberg, Amersfoort
  • Mikkel Skole, Aarhus
  • Ole Petter Bratteberg, Oslo
  • Olli-Pekka Vaara, Helsinki
  • Peter Bachofner, Zürich
  • Peter Lund Torjussen, Aarhus
  • Richard Moore, Central Management
  • Rik Zuidmeer, Amersfoort 
  • Roger Hagafors, Chairman of Group Board
  • Seija Malmi, Helsinki
  • Steffen Ehrke, Wiesbaden
  • Thomas Streveld, Hamburg
  • Tore Lind – Central Management
  • Wout van Impe, Brussels