Executive search and talent solutions company, Jordan-McQueen has become the latest partner business to join The Family Business Network, the go-to organisation in the UK for family businesses looking for advice, assistance and peer to peer learning.

Founder of The Family Business Network, Sue Howorth, says, “The Network was created to support the needs of family businesses.  We found that one of the most consistent challenges facing our businesses relates to whether you should bring in an external person to run the business – and if so, when? 

Our partner businesses are there to offer expert professional advice to our growing community of family businesses and we are delighted to welcome on board Jordan-McQueen, who can provide advice and experience on the leadership recruitment needs of family firms.”

"Our family businesses certainly like to feel that their needs are understood when talking to professionals, so it’s definitely of benefit to be able to talk to someone with first-hand experience.”

Victoria McQueen, founder of Jordan McQueen can call on this first-hand experience of the challenges that family businesses face, saying: “I’m aware of the intricacies of family businesses; my father was an entrepreneur in the automotive industry in the North West and my husband is part of his family’s national dairy business. I appreciate and understand how challenging it is to attract and retain the right people.

“I work with my clients to establish what skills and experience are required to complement and add value to the existing board.  The process can often be emotional, dealing with mixed objectives and reactions from within the family. I can empathise with this whilst challenging my clients’ thinking to get the very best result.”

Jordan-McQueen has recently released an article to provide insight for family businesses on the topic, highlighting the key four considerations that all family businesses should make when recruiting external leadership. It looks at the issues around appointing from outside of the organisation, what kind of person would ‘fit in’, how the family will feel about the decision and when is the ‘right time’?