Two new offices in Stavanger and Oslo will allow IMSA Search to serve the entire country of Norway, creating a broader footprint in the Scandinavian market.

IMSA Search in Norway is represented by the Search House, based in Trondheim. It formed an alliance with the A’HEAD executive search company, operating in Stavanger and Oslo. “This alliance allows us to expand our reach across a substantial swath of the country, and enhance our eminence in the broader market,” says Jan Gunnar Storli, Search House Managing Partner.

Unique experience adds value

A’HEAD, a Nordic Executive Search and Management Consulting company, has been delivering preeminent recruitment solutions and practices for their clients since 2003. They continue to make extraordinary advancements, acquiring deep knowledge about the executive search market in Norway, especially in the oil and gas industry. 

A’HEAD’s unique quality is attributed to a rich blend of a customer-centric approach to the recruitment process (understanding clients’ and candidates’ needs) with top science and high-tech innovative technologies (such as psychometric assessment tools that boost assessment insights and bring superior value to their clients). Because of this novel combination, A’HEAD will make a significant contribution to the IMSA Search family. “Search House and A’HEAD have several commonalities: were both founded and are still owned by the partners, are approximately the same size, and have vibrant operations in the strong local markets in Scandinavia. We share the same values and communicate exceptionally well with each other,” explains Jan Gunnar Storli, IMSA Norway.

IMSA and Norway: a true Win-Win proposition

A’HEAD will be represented by Managing Partners Stig-Rune Reese and Hard Olav Bastiansen. “We have worked closely with Stig-Rune and Hard Olav for years. We value their first-class experience bring exceptional business acumen and admire their in-depth knowledge of the Scandinavian markets, culture and business relations – says Monika Ciesielska, the President of IMSA Search Global Partners.

The two companies have signed a cooperation agreement, which has been approved by the IMSA Board. – We are thrilled to welcome the A’HEAD and Search House teams” – adds Mrs Ciesielska.

Expanding IMSA Norway positions the firm as a pervasive force throughout Norway – with an extensive network of world-class executive specialists from Trondheim to Stavanger and Oslo. “IMSA Search represents what’s best from both worlds,” explains Hard Olav Bastiansen. “On one hand, it opens up the possibility of collaborating with a well-respected brand on a global level. On the other hand, we can still maintain a local brand identity in the national market. As a result, we can offer both a local touch and global reach to our clients.”