JW Michaels & Co proudly announces the release of their annual Financial Services Market Data Report. Regarded as a go-to resource of the Financial Services industry, the data compiled in this comprehensive report is based on completed placements made by the company in 2019 at its offices in New York City, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Greenville, and Houston. It represents compensation for various executive positions of top-tier financial services, accounting, legal, technology, and business institutions.

“We believe that educating our constituents on the current compensation levels in the areas we serve will help our clients to be more informed when they decide to hire a candidate,”  states Jason Wachtel, managing partner at JW Michaels & Co.  “This report will also help our executive job seekers make better career decisions.”

The report presents compensations grouped by size and type of firm as well as by job title for compliance officers, general counsel, patent counsel, IT, legal and risk management executives with investment banks, law firms, and Fortune 500 companies in every industry. The goal of this report is to educate on the current compensation levels to help firms in the alternative asset management field hire better candidates and to aid executive job seekers in making better-informed career decisions.